GimPad 1.1

GimPad 1.1 is a useful utility for bringing together scattered GimPhoto window
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GimPad 1.1 is a small and useful software utility which is used for bringing together the scattered GimPhoto window into single user interface, to make it confusion free for the users. This software solved the most needed requirement for the Gimp and GimPhoto users. The software works in stable manner for most systems. New features such as BETTER ToolBox and Tool Panel "Always on Top" behavior have enhanced the features of Gimpad 1.1. Gimpad has now a fully functional drag and drop mechanism. The software has been re-written and development has been done right from the start. Now the GimPad 1.1 is better adapted to work with the behaviors of Gimphoto windows. This makes the software produce a look and feel similar to that of Adobe Photoshop. Gimpad 1.1 is fully compatible to work with almost all known versions of Microsoft windows such as Windows 98,2000,ME,NT and XP. Furthermore, the software has been developed in such a way that it consumes less memory i.e. around 5Mb - 6Mb. The software GimPad 1.1 seems to suffer from some compatibility issues with Windows Vista operating system.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • Small in Size
  • Consumes very little memory


  • Suffers compatibility issues with Windows Vista
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